Online Advertising – Web Business

This week we learned about online advertising, specifically setting up an ad campaign, and learning about appropriate key words and phrases to promote our website.

I found these exercises extremely helpful, and eye-opening because as we went through the practice of identifying, and then narrowing down the best key words and phrases, I made a discovery; I am actually NOT in the children’s book industry, at least not until I actually sell hard copies of my books. So that changes things a bit, but I was easily able to identify that I am in the children’s bedtime stories industry. Honestly, I didn’t even know such an industry existed, but that’s because it is so specific, it is actually a sub-category in children’s books. So armed with this knowledge, now I can maximize my advertising dollars by driving the right customers to my site, and avoided false positives, or customers who are not interested in what I’m offering.

I’m SO excited to get started on the official ad campaign and start interacting with the public on my offering to see how it actually goes!

Till next week,


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