Week 9

This week we worked on Adwords scoring, and connecting Adwords to Google Analytics. The goal was to narrow down our marketing verbiage to the most effective words and phrases to generate impressions from our target audience. The other goal for this week was to identify the benefits of connecting google analytics and adwords together.

That part was easy, google adwords is to generate traffic to the site, google analytics is to measure the behavior of those visits in terms of how many visitors we have experienced, how many are new, how many are return visitors, how long they stayed on the page, what percentage left without navigating beyond the landing page, and so on. Why this information matters is because it can get expensive to drive people to your site, and using the most effective words, and understanding which pages of the site visitors remain on, and which ones they don’t show much interest in is a key-indicator of where we may want to invest some more time improving those areas of our website.

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