Week 11 Reflections: Website Optimization

This was an awesome week! I’ve had questions for years that were answered in the last seven days about what ranks a website higher (which rules have changed recently), and how to get your website to rank up in search results.

I’ve earned about 22 clicks from Google Adwords, but my site has enjoyed over 150 sessions, and 320 pageviews since I made it available to the public. It’s not an over-the-top stellar site, not full of impressive graphics, or interesting games, and doesn’t really sell anything. It’s just a site that offers children’s stories for parents to read to their kids at bedtime, or whenever. To be honest, I don’t know why it is generating more interest on its own than my Adwords campaign is, but I think that there are two things that really help: 1) My site offers the service of wholesome, children’s entertainment, and it does so for free. 2) It does not employ any advertising to third party sites at this time. These two features improve the sites value to the end-user, and I think that is the number one driving force for a site’s success. A site that genuinely offers value (in this case simply exchanging time to view the site), gets talked about, shared, and re-visited in the future.

If I were to add third-party site advertising, and charged for my stories, the site’s numbers were almost immediately drop off because it affects what is known in marketing as the equilibrium point at which the cost of a product exceeds its value. Stories like this generally need to be free to get distributed, so how do I plan to monetize the site? By building a brand, and licensing that brand to toy-makers, game-makers, and so on.

There’s only one thing that I’m struggling to find this week. I came across a site that measure’s one’s website’s mobility friendliness – among other things – and it showed me what I need to do to make the site function better as a user experience, but now I can’t find that site 😦 – just others that are similar to it. It has to do with download times, and the top portion of the website, etc. If you think you know what I’m talking about, please comment and let me know where you think I need to go to recover that site, I really want to apply those tips and improve the end-user’s experience.

Thanks! Till next week,


Click the link below to view the site, and enjoy reading The Adventures of Jacky-Jack to your children.

2 thoughts on “Week 11 Reflections: Website Optimization

    1. Test my site with google, I had forgotten that I emailed the results to myself and I can see them there. But thank you for the reference, I wouldn’t mind trying out Quick Sprout as well.


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