Week 3 and 4


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Students and young families


If you don’t control your money, someone else will

Overview of project

I love art, and I love learning how to improve my typography and graphic design skills, but just because you love art, doesn’t mean it will be easy. This week has really tested me with software application, finding and creating the right photos to use in my Prezi, and how to get it to do what I want it to.

I’ve worked in banking for a long time, and it’s still amazing that over 80% of the people I meet with do not have a budget (and really need one), I can’t imagine just winging it, and hoping everything works out, so building a budget became my topic, and I hope it helps some people.


The photos are all my own. I found way to implement some of the family photos that we took in October, but for some of the photos, I had to create my own especially for this project, which took some time, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out.


After messing around with the background, and some images on it, it just created too much variation, and was not a good backdrop for the foreground text, so I decided instead to just fill the background with a light blue color (since blue fades into the background, and pushes the other elements forward).


Here’s a sketch of how I laid out my idea, I later decided to just go with a more uniform system, so I organized it a little bit different, I wanted it to flow from main points to sub points. I changed the conclusion a little as well, providing for my family adequately is perhaps the strongest goal I can think of for keeping a budget, and it’s always there.



Somehow, I missed the due date for the critique on Facebook, I still posted it for practice, but that was really frustrating. I was relying on the due dates on the right of i-Learn, but then realized after seeing everyone else’s post that I missed something, and sure enough, I should have checked my email. Lesson learned, check email more often.

Since I missed the due date on that one, I watched the videos posted to gain some insight on what to do as I work toward my final Prezi project to turn in.

6 thoughts on “Week 3 and 4

  1. Rob,
    Such a great topic that more people need to listen to! It helped me to be reminded to update our budget. We’ve had a bunch of financial adjustments over the past couple of months and we need to sit down and formally decide how our budget is going to look now. I loved your sense of humor during the presentation. It helped to make it more friendly. I also loved seeing your family!

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  2. Hey Rob,
    I liked your Prezi, and I liked the message that came along with it. Learning more about budgeting is really something I need to hear! One thing that I feel you did really well was the selection of the pictures you used. I think including those pictures of your family helped reinforce your message in a positive and motivating way.
    Great job!

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    Classmates Blog: Brooke Ericson

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  3. HI Rob,

    You did a great job without having a critique. The images fit perfectly and the slides were very clear. Your font choices fit perfectly for the title and the body. You did a great job by choosing different colors for each. Also, you created unity and variation with what you put and didn’t put on each slide. I think changing it up from every sing;e slide having to an image and not having one was a great idea. One thing I would have changed was put the Title of the slides as a Serif font just to add a little more contrast.

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