4C: Photography Activity

Light 1: Outside
Light 2: Inside
Focus 1: Foreground
Focus 2: Background
Composition 1: Thirds
Composition 2: Lead Room

This project was a lot of fun for me! I felt overwhelmed when I first started because I confused this part of the project for the whole end result due next week, but I eventually made sense of it. As I began to learn the different techniques, and gained some basic knowledge of using Adobe Photoshop, the fun just exploded!

I love basketball, and I work at a Credit Union, so I put those two together, and began taking photos, I took about 20 photos to narrow it down to the ones that I felt best about. The only part that I really felt a little lost on was doing the thirds, and the lead room. It felt different in the camera, so next time I will practice giving some more lead room, and aligning the thirds better. That stack of cash there is actually a stack of ones with a 100 dollar bill on top, I thought that would be more interesting.

So guess which sport is my favorite! Guess, guess, guess, guess, guess!!! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, this truly was a ton of fun, and I loved it!



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