Business Identity

Impact Marketing provides media design, and implementation for educating your target audience on products and services your business offers.





Front and Back of Business Card (Top: Front, Bottom: Back).


Create a logo for a company/service/organization and establish a visual identity across documents.

1. After brainstorming the idea for a while, I decided on marketing, for two reasons: 1) I enjoy marketing, and 2) If I can offer something of value for SMB’s in the realm of marketing, then I may one day use this project as a springboard for a side business that I’d enjoy doing later.
2. After I had my idea ready, I knew that I wanted my marketing to above-all, have an impact, so that name stuck, and I went to work.
3. I researched the assignment, and went through the tutorials, but I wanted more how-to knowledge on the Adobe side, so I Youtubed a couple more videos on creating logos, and business cards, armed with this knowledge, I created three distinctly different styles for a logo, and after asking everyone in the home (my wife, niece, and 7-year old), I needed more feedback, so I sought it out by posting my project on facebook, and received feedback from several individuals. The overwhelming consensus was to go with the above-shown logo design. I arrived at this design by accident when I was working with the gradient tool, and noticed that the circle started to disappear on one side, I moved the circle over the “act” part of “Impact” and it all came together, ‘looked like it belonged there.
4. After gaining that design idea, I toyed around with several back-side options for the business card. In one idea, I thought it would be clever to reverse it, as if you’re looking at it through a mirror, but I eventually decided that this was just tacky, and relented for a different option.
5. I received feedback on changing the Myriad pro, and the Papyrus Typefaces, and while I agreed to change the Myriad Pro to Verdana because I felt it looked better, and flows well, I couldn’t find another Typeface with a pronounced stem for the “P” like I did in Papyrus, and that was an important part for me, so I have chosen to stay with it for now.

Critique Process
I posted the different logos on facebook to gain enough feedback for a conclusive response on which logo design to move forward with, and then I posted my business cards and letterhead (although later than due on that day), and was graciously rewarded with some sound feedback from Jacob Casal who suggested some spacing corrections to free up white space, and help the logo feel not so cramped, so I did that. He also suggested changing the font types, and I changed the one, but couldn’t find a good replacement for the other (Papyrus), any suggestions? It needs to be one that has a pronounced/extended stem on the “P”.

Facebook Critique by: Caleb Kirk, Cory Cannon, Julie Holbrook, Maria Stephenson, Robert Reed, Raymond Adams, Tim Roush, Jared Wagner, Jason Maner, Tracy McCleen Pulley, and James & Karlene Opfar.

Classmate Critique: Jacob Casal

When you need your company, product, or service to get noticed, we can make an impact.

Local SMB owners

Top Thing Learned
Sometimes the best things happen by accident, don’t fault it for being an accident, it may be just the thing, so be ready to go with it.

Color Scheme & Color Names
Complementary / / Red, Black, and White

Title Font Name and Category
Papyrus / / Script

Copy Font Name and Category
Verdana / / Sans Serif

Thumbnails/Unedited Images

Source of Each Image
The graphics are my own.

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