Week 12

This week was a bit overwhelming to be honest. In hindsight, I found out that it would have been easier if I had checked my email more regularly. Oh well, so this week we did Project# 4, two study topics, two discussion boards, and of course our regular weekly wrap-up assignments.

Our topics this week were wrapping up the Adwords campaign, and introducing SEO and SMO marketing strategies.

I really enjoyed these topics because I gained some exposure in 2008-2011 when I was more involved with Youtube, and I learned some new ideas for networking the different SMO outlets together for best results.

One of the best ideas I got from this week came from another student who suggested I use my Jacky-Jack stories in live settings, such as an elementary school, to share it with the kids, and give the card with my website on it so that they can go home and read more Jacky-Jack stories. That was perhaps one of the best ideas ever because being in front of somebody is so much more powerful than trying to reach people simply online.

I just need more time to go and do that kind of thing now, ha ha!

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