More Adwords Planning

This week we learned more about constructing an effective adwords campaign, and provided each other with some valuable feedback on our ads.

Originally, I thought that I had a pretty good ad put together, but after receiving some student feedback, I discovered that there were some improvement that I might make to my ad.

My original ad read “Meet Jacky-jack, the tiny pumpkin, as he overcomes the challenges of being small”

Another student suggested that it have more of a call-to-action in it like so:

“Join and meet Jacky-jack, the tiny pumpkin, on his adventures. Being small was never so awesome!”

Both ads have their advantages, so I think I might do a combination of the two for my ad campaign.

I can’t wait to see how it goes, but first I need to add some more content to my website, and finish building the Jacky-jack character. I’m using Adobe Illustrator, but I’m just learning how to use the software, so it may be a bit before I have a completed character for Jacky-jack.

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