ROI, Conversions, and Optimizing Ad Performance

This week we studied ROI, Conversions, and optimizing our website. ROI stands for “Return on Investment” and basically answers the golden question, “what am I getting for my money?”. If the ROI is good, you’ll make more money on the sales generated from your advertising investment, but if the ROI is not good, then you spend more on advertising then you make. It doesn’t always have to be money, sometimes the objective of the advertising can be for things such as subscriptions, or gaining contact info for a visitor. The objective of the marketing can be tracked by an event known as a “Conversion”. Most conversions are actual sales on a site, but they can also be when a visitor clicks on a key link, or visits a key page on the site.

One way to improve (or optimize) ad performance to generate a better CTR rate, or higher rate of conversions, is to add quotation marks (“”) to your key phrases which causes only that phrase to show up, instead of the words within it independently. You can also add “Negative Keywords” which are words for when it might cause your site to show up in a search list even though it’s unrelated.

Since my site is about kids and pre-schoolers’ bedtime stories based on the adventures of a tiny, little pumpkin, so naturally I don’t want my site showing up on searches where people are just looking for Pumpkin Pie, cookie, and other pumpkin recipes. So I’ve added those to my negative keywords list.

Hope you have found this helpful, it’s been a busy, but a great week!

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